A good tailor always take time to take all necessary measurements before making a custom suit. We believe that our best jobs are built upon thorough understanding of our client’s business goals and project objectives. It’s tempting to emphasis quick turn around and fast delivery.  However, a quick fix may look good on surface, yet in the long run may be useless at best or wracking havoc at worst. Our database and analytics solutions are carefully designed based on our deep appreciation of underlying businesses. We take our time. We go slow. We listen to our clients. We help our clients figure out those business goals that can take most advantage of available information technologies. In the world of database and analytics, what our clients initially want frequently are not what they actually need. The best solution is not necessarily the latest technology or the expensive price tag. We are much more than technical gurus and we work with our clients to find out how to deploy technologies that make business sense.  Our clients are satisfied because we build solutions that actually produce positive return of investments for them.


We have a great team of professionals. We are both technically competent and business savvy. This is not a casual statement. All team members possess actual years of business experience in addition to their superb technical capabilities. This is not to say that we don’t like young gurus who can code the best and the latest cool things. They may have started businesses at much younger ages and know what it takes. We don’t pursue the latest technical gadgetry just because it’s the talk of town. Instead, we emphasis solid technologies that are reliable and appropriate to our client’s business goals. Because we emphasis so much on business savvy and thorough preparation at the initial phase of a project, we can usually minimize mid-course changes and deliver solutions on time and within budget.


We will take as long as needed to understand your business goals and project objectives.

We will recommend to you all technological alternatives that may do better jobs.

We will help you to avoid potential issues before they ever happen.

We will put solid communication plan in place and keep conversation going throughout the projects to minimize misunderstandings.

We will always be there to listen to you and take care of your concerns.

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